pronounced [U-L]

Can't Judge a Book


Launch of Start something Priceless

These six inspiring new artists of different genres and backgrounds have one thing in common. They’ve all overcome adversity to pursue their musical passion.

At the 60th Grammy awards

Watch them join five-time GRAMMY® nominee SZA, to perform Willie Dixon’s “You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover” to spread a message about acceptance, and inspire you to Start Something Priceless.

Case study



We lead with a Documentary that was previewed at The Ellen Show. The documentary features the 7 artists involved in the project as well as some behind-the scenes of the making of the covers at Jimi Hendrix's iconic Electric Lady Studios in New York.


Music video

We followed up with a Music Video to air during the Grammys, featuring all six artists' separate renditions united in one long form music video. Because in music, and in life, we need diversity. And as a proud sponsor of Acceptance, that is a message Mastercard can stand behind.


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