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Mastercard Aid Network


My first purchase

To thrive, Mastercard must recruit top talent. But how to overcome young grads’ perception of Mastercard as a stodgy credit card company? We built an immersive experience that made students feel the difference they can make at Mastercard.

It started with a documentary about the first purchase made using a Mastercard digital aid card by a refugee family in Lesvos, Greece. The film was shown alongside an exhibit of first purchases made by others, showing how this approach to humanitarian aid delivery empowers recipients with the dignity of choice.

Mastercard Aid network

To connect the displaced people in the refugee camp with the students, we called upon the power of music. We built a seamless digital stage to connect two worlds – Kara Tepe Refugee Camp in Lesvos, Greece, and Washington University in St. Louis – and refugees, current and former, shared their music across continents.
The result: An unexpected recruiting experience for students that showed Mastercard in a new light.